Myth: Cheap Stock Photos are too Expensive

Content marketing professionals need to create original articles in order to become successful in social media. While content creation requires magical words, cheap stock photos often complement the core message. In fact, finding the right picture can help you capture more audience and establish brand continuity. If you are a blogger, marketer or an entrepreneur, adding pictures to your content improves the experience of your visitors. However, there are certain myths that surround stock photography. Being too expensive is one.

Cheap stock photos are very expensive.
FALSE: Stock photography, in fact, is cheap. Can you imagine how much it will cost you if you were to take your own pictures? Conducting your own professional photoshoot could cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. First, you need to use a very good camera in order to come up with the highest quality images. You also need to get models. You even need to pay for the location and labor.

Although you are the only one to use your photos, most customers do not have the means to buy them. On the other hand, cheap stock photos are available for very affordable prices. There are lots of stock photo agencies that offer all types of subscription plans to suit your creative needs. I’m sure there is one that will suit your budget as well. With a wide selection of cheap images, you will surely find what you are looking for to increase your conversion rates.

Why should you resort to stock photography instead?
If you use cheap stock photos on your website, you will be supporting the artists and photographers who created the work. Plus, you will be getting images in much affordable prices. There are many stock images that will surely suit your business and industry. There is BigStock, Shutterstock, iStock and Fotolia. Adobe even launched its own stock website, Adobe Stock, which is integrated with its other Creative Cloud applications. Adobe Stock’s integration with Creative Cloud software allows you to directly manage your content marketing campaigns.

Another myth surrounding the stock photography industry is “Stock photos are stagnant collections.” Everyday photographers and artists from around the world are contributing images. Stock photo agencies update their libraries if not every day, every week. In order to get the best stock image, be sure to make your search more specific.

To sum it all up, cheap stock photos are efficient tools of content marketing. If you need high-quality images, you will surely do great with pictures from BigStock, Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, Adobe Stock and many more. Use stock photos to support artists and to keep your clients happy. These photos streamline your content creation and blog writing efforts. It is up to you to find the best image to complement your core message. Happy downloading!





Why Should You Get Shutterstock Promo Code 2016?

Stock images are important to the success of any creative project. They help enhance aesthetics and convey messages. They capture the attention of visitors and retain readers. In a word, they are the lifeblood of blogs, websites and other promotional materials. This is the reason why it is important for creative professionals around the world to incorporate high quality and relevant images to their works of art.

shutterstock free downloads Matching stock images to your creative projects is a moderately easy task. The challenge comes with the number of images you need and your budget. Shutterstock is the largest stock photo website in the market. It has over 80 million stock assets in its library, without hundreds of thousands more uploaded every week. With its vast collection of premium content, its images on demand and subscriptions cost a bit higher than its competitors.

But, you do not have to worry anymore! You can get Shutterstock coupons 2016 to get significant discounts from your favorite image subscriptions and footage products. Valid through June 30, 2016, this exclusive promo gives you 15% off on all image subscriptions and 10% off on all footage products. Now, you can purchase and download the images you need to jump-start and complete your creative projects without breaking the bank.

3 Reasons to Get Coupons for Shutterstock

There are a number of reasons why you should use coupons on your next image subscription. Of course, the most important is the valuable savings you can get from them. However, these admirable features of the stock photo agency also make it one of the most sought-after stock sites in the market.

  • Large library. Shutterstock has over 80 million professional quality images, vectors, videos and music in its library. In fact, that number is continuously growing with over 100,000 more added every week. With this vast collection, you will surely find everything you need to create amazing creative projects.
  • Innovative search tools. The stock photo site features a Shutterstock Lab that helps you find what you need quickly. It is also constantly innovating the subscription options to offer customized plans for everyone’s creative needs.
  • Shutterstock coupon codes. Most importantly, it collaborates with other websites to offer coupon codes. The challenge here is finding a website that offer valid and active coupon codes. With the alarming increase of scam sites in the Internet, you need to be extra careful of the websites you are getting your coupons from.


Why should you get Shutterstock coupon code 2016? The answer is simple. With a coupon code, you can explore one of the world’s largest stock photo collection and download stock images at a discounted price. This means you can create the perfect project with the right images to capture the attention of the right people.


Want More Money? Start With Adobe Stock Images

limited-offer-from-adobe-stock Do you need to make more money for your business? There is not a business owner out there who would answer “No” to that question. Good business owners and managers are always trying to find new and innovative ways to bring more money into the business. There are many ways you can generate more money for your business. Many of these methods require you to use images that capture the attention of prospective income generators. This is where Adobe Stock can help you. Adobe Stock gives you access to over four million stock photos and other images that can help you make money for your business. Just take a look.

Rent out your extra space

Adobe-Stock-logoIf you have more space than you need, rent out your unused portion. The money you get from rent payments can be put right back into your business. If you are going to rent space, you need to create signs to get the word out. This is where Adobe Stock comes in. When you make your signs, you are going to need some cool images that catch the attention of prospective renters.

Hire new employees

You can place a help wanted ad in the paper, but there is a good chance that no one will see it. You can also post your job opening on an Internet job board, but there is a good chance that it will get lost among the thousands of other ads. If you are looking for someone local who can help you as your business grows, try creating a sign or flyer that you can post all over your local area. Signs with interesting images will grab the attention of prospective future employees and before you know it people will be knocking down your door to work for you.

Have a sale

Nothing entices customers to make purchases more than the promise of a sale. Just the hint of the idea can bring droves of people into a store. But, it is vitally important to get people in the store. Again, Adobe Stock can help, you can read the Adobe Stock review here. The photos, graphics and other images that are available can be used for signage that can be placed near the store. You can also create sales “flyers” that you can post on your web page or your various social media outlets. The more interesting you make your sales announcements, the more people will come to check out your store and the items that are for sale.

Develop a logo and brand

You can easily choose an image from Adobe Stock, manipulate it in any way you choose, and then turn it into a logo. Before long that logo will be immediately associated with your company and all of a sudden, you will have a brand. Although you might not immediately think that a logo and brand can make your company money, think of some common logos that are quite successful. There are probably not many people who do not immediately recognize companies such as Apple, Nike, and Starbucks simply from just their logos.

Create promotional items

One of the best ways a business can promote itself is by creating promotional items that can be passed out to the public. Some examples of promotional items include t-shirts, coffee mugs, and pens. It is easy to find the perfect image on Adobe Stock and then turn it into a symbol of your brand. If you are going to use images in this manner, it is important to get an Adobe Stock extended license that allows the use of the images in this manner.

Improve your website

Having an engaging website is important for any business, but it is especially important for a small business that is trying to make more money. People judge websites by their visual appeal. If they are not visually stimulated by what they see, there is little chance that they will stick around to see what you have to offer. But, by adding Adobe Stock images, you can create a website that is so interesting that both current and prospective customers will be clamoring to return to it.

Improve your social media posts

Any business that wants to grow needs to utilize the social media outlets. Whereas content is king, you absolutely need to supplement your posts with eye-catching graphics. This area is another one where Adobe Stock can provide a benefit. You can easily filter out images that you are not interested in and narrow your search to ones that meet your needs. Before you know it, you will find the right image to go with the Facebook post that promotes your store.

When you think about it, stock photos, illustrations, graphics and other images can be a huge asset to any business. Do not delay, and try Adobe Stock today. You will be amazed at how it helps your business make more money.


Adobe Stock Free Photos: The Samurai Way

adobe-stock-logo (2) Images are the lifeblood of great content.  The right word choice is important, but often, it’s the picture or drawing that first grabs the reader’s attention, and makes them want to read what has been written.  Finding quality images does not have to be difficult or break the bank, and some image companies make it really worth your while to invest your money in their products.  Check out Adobe Stock for your picture needs.

The Value Behind Adobe Stock

The true value behind Adobe Stock is getting high-quality, royalty-free images.  Signing up for a new creative cloud account can earn you some great perks.  You will receive 10 free images during the first month.  If you sign up for a year plan of 10 images a month, a refund will be given for the first month.  You are able to cancel your plan risk-free during that first month.  This is a great opportunity to try out a great service for sourcing legal images.

The Samurai Way

adobe stock photos (2)Loyalty is one of the tenants of the samurai way, and Adobe Stock truly looks to ways to get your loyalty for their brand over others.  You can get a further discount when you add one of Adobe’s software titles, such as Photoshop.  Adobe will give you a $20.00 discount for paying for Photoshop.  You can even edit and create your own content with Photoshop to further your marketing dollars.  The sky is the limit for what you can do with this combination.

Get PhotoShop for Free

If you are planning on getting Adobe Stock and Photoshop, it might be a good idea to get them at the same time.  You can get the 10 downloads per month for $49.99, or you can sweeten the deal by getting both the 10 downloads and Photoshop for $49.99.  That’s like getting Photoshop for free.  It just makes sense to add that title, even if you think that you might never have a use for it.  You might be surprised how often you use it after purchase.

Adobe is a great way to go if you are shopping around for an image content provider.  You get the opportunity to search for that perfect image from over 45 million royalty-free images, and try it out.  Plus, if you decide that this is the right photo service for you and your business, you can further leverage the savings by adding some additional Adobe software.


People Images: A Painstakingly Perfect Collection

Rear view of young college friends talking while walking in campus

What does it take to create something truly unique? For many people, this may mean that they attempt to reinvent the wheel. For others, it may mean that they specialize in one area or another.

You see, the word “unique” is relative. Have you ever heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” That phrase is amazingly relevant to the stock photo industry. My ability to take a picture and use it for my marketing purposes entirely differs from your ability to do the same thing. I may never choose to license the same photos you or someone else may want to license.

Sometimes, “unique” has a universally accepted meaning. I think you might find that we can all agree that People images is incredibly unique simply because they have a painstakingly perfect collection.

A Completely Unique Image Collection

When you entered your industry, you entered it with the intention of doing the best job you could. No one goes into business for themselves or takes a job offer intending to do a mediocre job. It just doesn’t happen.

Everywhere you turn, and every industry, people will tell you the competition runs high. Your job is to differentiate yourself from everybody else who is trying to do the exact same thing as you. What nobody will tell you is how you can do that. So then, we have to ask ourselves a question. How do we stand out among the thousands of people who are doing the exact same things as you? The answer may hit closer to home than you think.

People Will Pay for Quality

It is a well-known fact that people will pay for quality. That’s your answer. People will pay for quality. In every industry – I don’t care which one you’re in – 99 percent of the people in your industry are mediocre. The reason they say competition runs high is because everybody looks the same. Nobody is doing anything different from anybody else.

To stand out, all you need to do is continually output quality work. You need to do the same job as everybody else – but you need to do it better than everybody else.

Danish-born Yuri Arcurs understood that key principle. He used it to become the top-selling stock photographer in the world, selling 4 million images per year for four years straight. He used his knowledge and experience to create Peopleimages – an utterly and truly unique image collection.

The Two Tasks of Stock Photographers

To truly create a unique collection, Yuri took the principle of quality and realized that he needed something else. He needed a sense of urgency. He realized that stock photographers needed to accomplish two things to truly stand out among the millions of other people who call themselves stock photographers. He needed to create truly amazing and unique images and he needed to produce them in massive quantities. After all, you can’t sell 4 million images per year unless you have the images to sell.

There’s More to a Photo That Meets the Eye

Stock photographers have a monumental task in front of them. In fact, if you were to perform research online about what it takes to become a stock photographer, you would find out that many people are leaving the industry because the task is too much for them to handle.

Stock photographers don’t have a choice in the matter. Either they create great images that sell in massive quantities or they won’t make it as a stock photographer.

How Do They Do It?

Just because it takes the search engine of a MicroStock agency half a second to pull up 400,000 images doesn’t mean those images were easy to produce. Perfection takes time. Individually, each image produced for Peopleimages takes several weeks from inception to publication. Hundreds of hours go into each photo.

The Cinematic Work of Art

Entire teams of photographers, art coordinators, producers, retouchers, keyworders, distributors and uploaders each takes a crack at the photos before they’re available for your download.

The Size of the Operation

The team behind Peopleimages produces about 5000 images exclusive to their site every single month. The average photo shoot can take several hours and will produce about 50 images. Once the teams touch them, it takes about a month of the photos being perfected by all the teams before they are uploaded and added to the library. In the end, every photo is scrutinized by Yuri Arcurs for approval. His reputation stands on the integrity of his collection – he has a record that proves that he knows what goes into an excellent photograph.

The Fruits of Their Labor

The fruits of their labor continue to attract some of the most high-profile clients in the world including, Samsung, Time magazine and Canon. The library at Peopleimages contains unique, high-quality and attractive photos for the world to enjoy. In the end, Yuri simply leveraged the principle of quality in his favor to create his painstakingly perfect collection.